• Festitent

    Would you like to camp easy and relaxed at the Voltage Festival campsite? Thanks to FestiTent, you can!

    A FestiTent is a tent that's 100% ready upon your arrival. You choose your favorite FestiTent and pimp it with the accessories you want, such as a mattress, a pillow, a lantern, etc.

    The perfect solution for people that don’t want to drag with their camping gear. We’ll prepare everything for you!

    Just bring your festival essentials and enjoy Voltage Festival from the moment you arrive. Easy and Relaxed!

    Go to FestiTent and book your own FestiTent starting from €16,66 per night.

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  • Belltent

    The Bell Tents of FestiTent are perfect for those who enjoy that extra bit of luxury. This large tent, available for 2 and 4 people, has everything to camp in style and relaxed at Voltage Festival.

    It has 2 comfortable Rotan beds which are already made up with soft mattresses, pillows, and 2 one-person duvets. The Bell Tent is also pimped with a cowhide, a Rotan bench, nightstands and lights to make it as cozy as possible.

    Thanks to FestiTent, you only have to think about your festival essentials!

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