Thomas P. Heckmann

turbine stage

Saturday 10 aug

Thomas P. Heckmann is a man who needs little introduction. The German producer has flexed his prowess across all shades of electronic music, but it’s his contributions to EBM-Techno, Acid, Industrial and Experimental that has earned him his notoriety, and it was in 1994 when he dropped an acid-tinged ‘Amphetamine’ as DRAX LTD. II that shot him into being recognised as a power to be reckoned with.

After doing all sorts of electronic music since age eleven - including synthi pop, industrial, ebm, experimental - he was attracted by the likes of KLF and 808 State ́s early stuff, that lead him into the new acid and techno styles in 1989. Thomas P. Heckmann started doing techno-house music professionally in summer 1991. His first release as Exit 100 was called 'Liquid' on the just started label Force Inc. was a good start into the then small techno world. It brought him the respect of a lot of people and the license on Daniel Miller's label Mute Records in England, which was single of the month in Melody Maker and reached number 20 in the independent charts in 1992. He also was one of the pioneer producers to release new acid styles in the likeness of Underground Resistance and +8 in Germany with his other projects on Force Inc, AGE and Skydiver. Another of his landmark inspirations for Germany.

After producing successfully for Force Inc. until 1993 he released new stuff on LA records in Germany under the name Spectral Emotions and on Djax-Up-Beats in Holland as Purple Plejade. 1993 he launched his own label Trope Recordings with his first release under his most successful project Drax. Trope Recordings invented new styles, new sounds, new record-formats and was soon one of the leading independent techno labels in Germany and got friends and big following all over the planet.

1994 saw the birth of another label called Acid Fucker Unite (A.F.U), projected more as an acid-house and dance-label with his own projects Silent Breed and Electro Nation, which also earned a big following all over the world. His first big hit came out in 1994 as DRAX LTD. II called Amphetamine, that became a world wide crossover hit and even reached number 20 in the official French charts. It is still played all over the world and was influencing lots of commercial and underground producers.

With an extensive live-touring through America, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, England, Switzerland, Austria, France,... since since '91 has made him one of the most respected and most freaked out live-acts in the world. Thomas rejoined Force In. in 1997 as AGE and released a 12 inch which was followed by a complete AGE album in march 1998.

He also launched a new label for Electro-Style music called Electrocute Soundplates, with its first release early september in '98. Winter '98 was the most successful time for Silent Breed. The track Sync In, which was originally released as A.F.U. 016 one year before, was picked up as a crossover tune and became a commercial hit, reaching even position 83 in the official German top 100 and reached also position 1 in all German dance charts. The follow up In Vivo reached position 103 in the German charts and also position 1 or 2 in all German dance charts. Silent Breed played twice at VIVAs Clubrotation. Sync In changed the commercial scene - all was getting more techno and harder - in Germany and people still trying to copy it until today!

Though still doing the music he loves and still doing powerful techno tracks, people are more aware than ever of Thomas' work, because again he changed the minds of a lot of people again and showed them, that one can do underground music, but can also be successful without selling out.